Departure Airport (Marco Polo VCE)
Destination Lido S.M.E.
A private water taxi will take you from the airport directly to hotels located in Lido SME

from 1 to 4 persons € 100 *

Ogni persona in più comporta una maggiorazione di € 10,00
* all prices refer to base tariff

Departure: Airport (Marco Polo VCE)
IMPORTANT SWITCH ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE--- After claming your luggage please proceed to The exit of The arrival hall turn left and go ti The first floor follow the moving walkway to reach the dock of the airport your taxi waiting for you AT Pier 11---IF YOU THE ASSISTANCE Afterhours The claming your luggage, please proceed to The exit of The arrival hall, where you Will fine The assistant holding a sign with your NAME. After meeting her/him, she/he Wilma show you The way to The Dock ok the airport, help you to find your watertaxi and accompany you to your destination
Destination: Lido S.M.E.
At Venice Lido S.M.E. your taxi will wait for you in front of the voltive church at the public taxi station.